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All Cabin Suitcases, Bags & Luggage

Cabin Luggage such as cabin suitcases and bags are one of the most important considerations when travelling. Whether you are heading off on a long weekend, a city break with friends, or a family holiday, choosing the correct cabin case will ensure you travel with ease. At Tripp, you'll find a wide range of cabin luggage to fit most major airlines, including cabin suitcases to fit Easyjet Up Front, Ryanair Priority and British Airways.

We also have a selection of bags and cabins that fit within the Easyjet underseat cabin requirements 45x36x20cm. Cabin luggage fitting within this size can be taken on board Easyjet flights free of charge.

For shorter trips a cabin case may simply be the only piece of luggage that you will need.  We have a collection of stylish hard and soft cabin and carry-on cases in a variety of colours, materials and patterns, that will not only look good but provide you with unmatched practicality. 

  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee

  • Hard and soft shell suitcases 

  • 4 wheel options

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We have Cabin suitcases that will fit all of your travel needs.  Our Cabin suitcases come in either soft shell or hard shell options in a wide variety of colours.  All of our luggage comes with a 5 year guarantee. 


Tripp offers Cabin suitcases in sizes that will fit most major airlines including British Airways, Easyjet Up Front and Ryanair Priority.  Our Cabins are the perfect size to take on the aircraft with you, or fit into the boot of your car for that staycation. We also have a wide variety of travel bags to compliment your luggage. 


Our Cabin cases come in a wide assortment of colour choices to suit your style, whether that be bright and bold or a more neutral colour palette.  Our bright and bold hard-side cabins are the perfect piece to compliment your own personal style, and is also perfect for Childrens luggage.  Wheels All of our cases have 4 wheels for easy manouverability, plus a retractable handle.  This will ensure your journey is always smooth, wherever you are travelling.


All of our suitcases come with a lock.  Our hard shell cases come with an integrated TSA lock which means that for travel to America, the TSA customs operatives can unlock your case with their own individual key without having to break the lock.  For travel in the rest of the world, the integrated TSA lock means the zip pulls are locked neatly inside the lock, leaving a sleek finish and look to the suitcase. Our soft shell cases come with a padlock to ensure your case is safely secured. 


All Tripp suitcases are designed to be as light as possible without compromising strength and durability. Our lightweight suitcases weigh just 2.5kg for the cabin size so you’ll have extra space for those holiday purchases.  Airlines  Our range of soft side cabin suitcases are compatible with all the cabin allowance and hand baggage for major airlines including British Airways, Ryanair Priority, EasyJet Up Front, Virgin and Jet2.

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