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Hard Shell Suitcases

Browse our selection of hard suitcases and discover the best hard shell suitcase for your needs. Our hard shell luggage is available in a variety of shades, tones, and finishes; making it even easier to choose a case that suits you.

Designed in the UK and made from tough and durable polypropylene or ABS, our hard suitcases are extremely lightweight, stylish and easy to spot on the carousel. 

Kontakt os hvis du ikke kan finde, hvad du søger efter.


Do you ever get that sinking feeling when the suitcases start coming round the carousel and they all look the same?  Well you don’t need to worry as we have an amazing assortment of bright and eye catching colours so you’ll never mistake your suitcase again.  From bright blues, yellows, reds and pinks, to beautiful floral patterns, we have you covered.  The hard shell suitcases all come in 3 sizes so you can mix and match your size and colours so the whole family is catered for, with a colour to suit everyone’s individual style.  Check out the nations favourite suitcase collection Holiday 6, it’s well known for its bright colours and graphic square pattern on the front.  The Holiday Cabin size is the perfect piece for your children’s luggage or even to take onto the aircraft filled with toys, snacks and electronic devices to keep them occupied on the flight.  Or how about Tripp World which has a beautiful more tonal colour palette to suit your taste.  We have something to suit your whole family’s personality.



All of our hard shell suitcases come with 4 wheels to make life that much easier and to provide you with easy maneuverability when travelling.  You’ll find your suitcase glides with ease on 4 wheels, and if you’re on more uneven ground, you can feel confident pulling it on 2.



All of our hard shell suitcases come with an integrated TSA lock.  This means that for travel to America, the TSA customs operatives can unlock your case with their own individual key without having to break the lock.  For travel in the rest of the world, the integrated TSA lock means the zip pulls are locked neatly inside the lock, leaving a sleek finish and look to the suitcase.



Our hard suitcases all come in 3 sizes so we have the perfect size to suit the needs of your holiday.  Whether it be a Cabin suitcase for a city break, a Medium suitcase for a week’s holiday to Portugal, or a large suitcase for that Caribbean cruise, we have you covered.  Our largest hard shell suitcase (World) has a capacity of 110 litres so rest assured you’ll have space for all of that holiday shopping!



Hard shell suitcases used to be known for being bulky and heavy but not anymore.  We have designed strong, robust and secure lightweight hard shell suitcases that won’t encroach on your weight allowance.  Our lightest hard side suitcase weighs just 2.6kg for the cabin size so you’ll have plenty of allowance to add in that extra pair of shoes.

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